Digitale luminantiemeter type L-202

Luminancemeter L-202

The Hagner Special Luminance Meter, model L-202, is a small, portable and simple but functional instrument, specially designed for measurement and evaluation of the luminance at road tunnel entrances and their surroundings.

The measuring range is 0 - 200,000 cd/m².

The L-202 is used to determine what measuring range is required for a stationary Tunnel Photometer model TLS-420 before it is ordered. With a measuring angle of 20º it measures, at a certain position from the tunnel entrance, the average luminance of the same area as a standard Tunnel Photometer would do at the same position.

The displayed value can be locked by means of a hold button. The built-in detector is carefully filtered to give a spectral response close to that of the human eye, as defined in CIE standards.

If required the L-202 can be mounted on a tripod by means of the standard camera thread (¼'') in the chassis.


When looking through the eye-piece, the outer circle of the viewing field represents the 20º measuring angle.

Move the slide switch to the range that gives the greatest degree of accuracy. If the instrument displays only a digit ” 1” in the lefthand position, the input signal is too strong, and so a higher range should be selected.

The hold button has two positions, hold and release.


The instrument is carefully calibrated when delivered. As the light sensitive diode is extremely stable over long periods of time recalibration every two-three years should, under normal use of the instru-ment, be sufficient. If however there is any reason to believe that the instrument is out of calibration, it can be returned to your stockist or the manufacturer for earlier control checks.

Power Source

The power source is a standard 9V battery. To avoid battery leakage only alkaline batteries should be used. When the battery charge is running low, the word ”BAT” will appear on the display. The instrument can then be used for another 10 hours (approx) before replacing the battery is essential.


Detector Vλ-filtered sillicon photo diode
Measurement range 0 - 200,000 cd/m²
Accuracy Better then ±3% (±1 in the last digit on the display)
Power 1 pc 9V type PP3, lifetime app. 110 hr.
Dimensions 170 x 130 x 80 mm .
Weight 0.8 kg (1.6 kgs incl carrying case)

Carrying case

The meter will be delivered including a carrying case.

L-202 carrying case
L-202 with carrying case