MCA-1600 multi-channel amplifier

Multi-channel amplifier MCA-1600

The Hagner Multi-Channel Amplifier is designed for use where several simultaneous photometric measurements are required. Such applications include:

  • The measurement of distribution from light sources.
  • Control and regulation of lighting in large buildings, such as theatres, sport arenas etc.
  • Control of switching functions in high voltage switchgear areas. (Detection of arcing.)

The MCA-1600 includes the required number of input terminals, up to a maximum of 16 channels.
A Hagner photometric or radiometric detector, either a standard or specially designed, can be connected to each input channel.

Each channel has an output for the connection of a voltmeter, recorder, data logger etc, all calibrated to the requirements of the user. The accuracy is better than +/- 3%, while the amplifiers are temperature compensated, so that the drift is less than 0.05% /°C.

The output signal from each channel will be calibrated as 0-2 volts for a measured variable of 0-E lux or 0 - W W/m². The values of E and/or W being specified by the user. Examples might be 0 - 2,000 lux or 0 - 20.00 W/m².

Price and delivery can be quoted following receipt of full details of user requirements.

The advantage of the MCA-1600 for multi-channel applications is that it will be considerably cheaper, and neater, than using several separate photometers.


Input 1-16 Hagner Detectors, types SD1 up to SD12
Output 1-16 at 0-2 volts DC (1kΩ)
Accuracy Better than +/- 3%
Temperature range 0-40°C
Temperature drift Less than 0.05% /°C
Power supply 9-12 volts DC (Battery eliminator not included)
Dimensions 216 x 260 x 44 mm